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Area Festivals are held throughout the UK, each holding its own Championship Heats, the finals of which are held at BTDA's Leicester Head Office towards the end of each year.

Gala Weekend is held each June at Butlins, Skegness, over 2,000 students and parents attend.  A large number of top International Choreographers give a variety of lectures to the students. The entire event culminates with an evening Cabaret in which many students take part.

Scholarships are open to all students who are in full time education and hold a BTDA grade 2 Certificate in either Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz or Tap. BTDA scholarships encourage students to develop thier dance ability and gives away money in the form of examination fees.

Students take part in a Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tap lecture. They perform thier own arrangement dance routine, present thier certificates and have an interview to discuss thier plans and aspirations for the future.

Scholarships take place in Leicester, Sutton Coldfield, Sunderland, Preston, Reading, Essex and East Anglia. Entry forms are available from BTDA teachers or from Head Office.

AGM Minutes - 2018