Make it count


Do you:

Hold a GQAL BTDA Grade 2 Qualification in either Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz or Tap?

Would you:

Like some additional funds to help pay for your next examination(s)?

Then have you considered participating in our Scholarship Programme. Scholarships are a wonderful opportunity for students to experience working with different BTDA personnel.



  • Any student that holds a Grade 2 BTDA qualification in any of the core disciplines (Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap)
  • Students must take regular classes in all the disciplines stated above



Candidates will have to :

  • Learn, master and record their performance of three specially choreographed routines, one in Classical Ballet, one in Modern Jazz and one in Tap.  These will be made available to applicants via video recordings and will be available for a set period of time.
  • Perform a solo piece in costume.
  • Answer appropriate questions.


All recordings will need to be submitted for assessment by the candidate.

Successful candidates receive a financial award which is graded, and can be used for BTDA examinations and membership during the award year.

For further information please contact Head Office or your dance teacher.

"Any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all."