Teacher Membership has three different categories:

  • Principal Members for Principals who have their own School but who are no longer
    entering students for examinations but wish to hold on to their Principal Membership
  • Principal Registered Teacher for School Principals who are also Registered Teachers
  • Registered Teachers and Provisionally Registered Teachers (teachers who are undergoing the three-year provisional registration programme)

Holding a Teacher Membership enables you to download all the Programmes of Study, music and video footage of the work, you are also encouraged to join the official Facebook group, this is only available with an up-to-date Membership and where you can keep abreast of any changes and Programme of Study amendments etc.

You will not just be a Membership number, we offer a personal service to all our Teachers.  We understand that circumstances and priorities can change over time and we are always happy to discuss alternatives to put into operation in order to work through any problems you may experience during your Registration with us.

We value all our Teachers, not just as Professionals but as individuals and look on them as part of the ‘BTDA family’

BTDA offers help and information in order to ‘tool’ our teachers.  We organise two meetings a year in Leicester, the AGM in September and a Technicon in February.  Any Programme of Study changes will be shown and we invite guest representatives to speak on subjects such as Insurance for Dance Teachers, Child Protection information, etc.  These meetings also allow Teachers, BTDA staff and Examiners to meet informally and ask any questions. Area Organisers arrange meetings in their own areas to accommodate any Teachers who find it impossible to attend the Leicester meetings.

Teachers are encouraged to send in information to be included in the newsletter, we would love to hear from you.

  • Is your Dance School partaking in any projects?
  • Is anyone in your School involved in Panto or outside show work?
  • Has anyone tied the knot?
  • New babies being born?

"When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy."