Self Regulated Performance Awards

All students need to be able to achieve in order to progress and our extensive awards system gives them the opportunity to do just that as well as build performance skills and audience appreciation, something which is more difficult to achieve in a formal examination structure.

Rose Awards

Introduced as a stepping stone for the younger student (10 years and under) to our comprehensive medal and grade systems.  There are plenty of disciplines to choose within this award and as well as their certificate the candidates receive a small trophy of either silver or gold depending on the level they are entering for.  These are very popular and are often the envy of the older students. 

Another key factor with these awards is that the teacher is allowed to be in the room with the candidates and are able to assist them if needs be, so even your youngest students can start to experience the examination room.

Crystal Awards

There are five levels of award that coincide with the first five General Graded Examinations of the programme of study.   These awards can be used as a source to prepare candidates for the grade to be taken and allows the candidates that are not quite ready to be entered for their graded examination a chance to be assessed on their progress and performance ability.  The award itself is made of glass and would look good on any mantelpiece.  There are 3 sizes in total which are split across the 5 levels as follows:

  • Level 1 and 2
  • Level 3 and 4
  • Level 5

Medal Test System

The medal test is a performance based award system, which enables candidates to perform in front of an audience and so gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence required for a performance.  It also acts as an alternative to competitions and what is really nice is that an audience is required and therefore family and friends can support the student on their journey.

The awards are available to candidates of all ages and there are 8 levels in total as follows:

  • Bronze Medal
  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Silver Shield
  • Gold Shield
  • 1st Statuette
  • 2nd Statuette
  • Performance Cup

Candidates perform a routine set by their teacher.  In the higher levels more than one routine will be required.

In addition we have two awards for candidates 5 years and under, these are our Mime Awards, where the candidates perform short mimes e.g., Fairy, Soldier, Cat, Rabbit.  There are two levels as follows:

Silver Mime Award –   4 Mimes

Gold Mime Award –    6 Mimes

"I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself."